Fashion, like art and design is a barometer for cultural change. It reflects changes in lifestyle, technology, economics and demographics and is a weather vane for the changes that continue to influence our lives. Like other art-forms, fashion is, at it’s best, a pure expression of these changes.

Trend Illustrated is an online, illustrated trend and review site, that attempts to reflect these changes, using Illustration as the primary vehicle to produce insightful and informative product reviews and trend reports, with a focus on menswear.

The history of Art, Design and Fashion, is the history of the culture in which we live.

Fashion Illustrated is interested in the changes themselves and also in exploring why those changes happen. What are the connections between things? Why does the direction of design and trends shift? Where do trends come from and where are they likely to go?

Trend Illustrated is an exploration and a celebration of these connections and the way in which these changes consciously and subconsciously influence our thoughts and behavior, these are often concepts and ideas which initially appear unrelated. By understanding these connections, new directions can be reasonably predicted.

What’s exciting about living now, is the speed at which things change and evolve, the access to so much information and the ability to share it so quickly. This is the engine that drives change today. Yet with so much information, we have more need of people who can make sense of it for us. We need strong filters in an age of information overload. Trend Illustrated is here to lighten the load and make it fun in the process, whether you are a creative professional, or just someone in need of design inspiration.

Definition of a trend