Future Trend Forecast – Utopia

A New Hope

There is a prevailing trend in fashion, movies, literature and the general media for a future that is both bleak and dystopian, with steampunk and apocalyptic concepts and imagery now commonplace. A dark and fertile pool for the imagination no doubt. Yet with all forces natural and unatural there always follows a counter-movement to redress the balance. Trend Illustrated’s opinion is that we will see the return of more Utopian material and imagery,  as people strive for a more optimistic destination, one grounded in the idea of a future that is both hopeful and optimistic, rather than fear-filled and apocalyptic.

Utopia for all

A Utopian outlook is a strong counter-balance to the pervasive and negative “Politics of Fear.” Utopia after all is the backbone of Futurism. The idea that the future could be much better, perfect even, if we can only dream it first. The vision of the future is limited only by our own imagination.

A new Utopian vision does not ignore the challenges that lie ahead, but instead embraces them and uses them as inspiration to project us forward to a hopeful new future, one driven by imagination, conviction and optimism, coupled with the knowledge we have gained from the mistakes we have made thus far.

Utopia is what could be, what should be, if we permit ourselves to fully exploit our potential and use our prodigious imagination and creativity, working together with each other, in symbiotic harmony with the natural world. A Utopian future would be the perfect fusion of nature and technology, mutually beneficial to all.


Brands and personalities that generate hopeful, visionary and practical solutions for the future will be those we reach out to, and which will ultimately prevail. Those that allow us to dream, are aspirational and have romantic, cheery and far-sighted solutions which are both practical and ingenious

In the downloadable report below, we illustrate the different ways in which this thought provoking cultural phenomenon may manifest itself: