Autumn Winter 2017 Key Trends – Product – Outerwear

Key Outerwear – Autumn – Winter 2017

It would surprise nobody that Outwear featured heavily in the Autumn-Winter 2017 Catwalks. Puffa Jackets, originating from the recent 1990’s revival, featured heavily, as did more classically tailored styles, military styles as well as jackets and coats inspired by the outdoors. Below we illustrate two of the most outstanding styles which stood out from the crowd: The Duffle Coat and the Varsity Jacket.

The Duffle

The Duffle Coat is a very versatile style, standing somewhere between more classic menswear and sportswear, between cosy acceptability and rebellious youth. It was the signature style at both Lanvin and Givenchy, as well as featuring throughout many other designers presentations.

The Varsity Jacket

Military flight jackets, like the MA-1 still continue to be important in menswear, but for me the standout was the Varsity Jacket which brought a strong graphic element and some much needed colour to some of the outerwear collections. Best seen at Junya Watanabe where Varsity Jackets were mixed brilliantly with outdoor jackets, military bombers, sports coats and denim.