Autumn Winter 2017 Key Trends – Colour – Part two

Seeing Red

If there was one colour that dominated the Autumn Winter 2017 collections it would be red. Flame red was the key colour. Red is travelling in two directions., warmer and more vibrant with an orange hue aka-Flame Red and coral tones and then colder with blue added, leading to more pink and berry shades. It was also used to great effect to liven up traditional fall winter colours as well as in a more sporty way paired with black, blue and white. 

Flame Red

Red, White & Blue


Orange and Apricot were common colours, often used in combination with black and Red for greater impact.

Red Black and White

Red was used to greatest effect when combined with black, or with black and white together.

Acid Pastels

TopMan showed a collection in Acid Pastels, a colour palette and collection that heavily referenced the early nineties or earlier. It was a refreshing change to the more sombre colours of many other collections, although it might well be a harder sell.