Autumn Winter 2017 Key Trends – Rebels & Superheroes

 Rebels & Superheroes

In turbulent and tumultuous times, when the future looks bleak and it feels like our feet are no longer firmly on the ground, we become creative in our search for solutions. This often calls for desperate measures.  As a cultural barometer, fashion reflects this state of mind.
Whereas some may have a bleak outlook and see visions of the Apocalypse, others may rebel, and find motivation and expression through defiance. Others still, may look to the supernatural or the superhuman to deliver them from catasrophe.
Welcome to the Everyday Superhero.

Everyday Superhero

Both Thom Browne and Undercover made reference to superheroes in their runway presentations. Notably, Thom Browne took your everyday, grey suited salaryman and turned him into an androgynous, cat suited, upscaled trolley-dolly superhero (or Heroine), complete with his own mask. 2017 and 2018 looks to be a bumper year for superhero movies starting with Warner Brothers & LEGO’s, the LEGO Batman movie, due for release in February. Undercover  did their own version, finishing off a typically strong collection with bags that turned into wings and hats and headgear with bats ears.

Rebellious Spirit

At Lanvin, Dries Van Noten and E.Tautz, although not overt, there were definite rebellious undercurrents. Indirect reference to both punk and grunge; mohair sweaters, second-hand jumpers and contrasting combinations of pattern and material, checks, zips, denim and chains were all reminiscent of a time when youth culture was more truly reflective, local and original. For more detail on this direction take a look at our Trend Forecast – Humaness here. which explored this trend and the shift towards a new period of self-analysis and change as a human race and how this is expressed.

Riders of the Apocalypse

The final reaction also a reflection of a more subversive subculture, that of urban skate and streetwear, which is a very strong trend currently and was mixed with apocalyptic overtones. Hooded, hidden in layers of dark sports influenced pieces. Most notably at Takahiromiyashita-The Soloist and at Unravel.