Autumn Winter 2017 Key Trends – Brave New Silhouette

Re-defining Shape

What we highligthed in our Trend Forecast as Brave New Silhouette back in 2015 still continues stronger than ever in Menswear today. In fact in could be argued that this is the major trend at the currently in Mens Fashion. What began as a bold new direction back then, still continues to be explored by designers and (and increasingly Brands) to redefine what is happening in Menswear currently.
Expressed through overall silhouette as well as detail, designers exploring this theme used shape and silhouette to create drama and visual appeal.
This was further emphasized by the continuing trend of monochromatic colour palettes, predominantly black, grey and navy which forced the eye to focus on form rather than on pattern or detail. What detail then needed to be exaggerated to have an impact.

Brave New Silhouette was most dramatically illustrated at Thom Browne who reinvented the suit in a 2D flat format.

Other designers, most notably, White Mountaineering, explored the theme both in shape and in detail. Scaling up buttons, pockets and zippers and playing with layers, alternately contrasting skinny, slim shapes with voluminous ones.

The voluminous shapes were also not restricted to tailoring and outerwear, but were extended to knitwear at Dries Van Noten, where generous cocoon-like shapes were presented with beautifully pared down, exagerated, square shouldered jackets and overcoats.