Future Trend Forecast – Humaness


What does it mean to be Human now?
Many Think-Tanks, progressive political and economic thinkers and influential cultural publications have suggested recently that we are entering a new period of self-analysis and change as we re-evaluate and question our role and future as a human race. Humaness.Iain-McKellIn this trend forecast, Humaness, we examine how this new-wave of thinking is likely to evolve and what the likely impact will be on fashion trends and the creative industry.
In a world of increasingly sophisticated advancements in biotechnology, genetics, robotics and inter-connectivity, there is a feeling of fragility and vulnerability and a need to re-evaluate our relationships as individuals, with technology as well as our interaction globally and culturally with each other.
We question not only where we are going, but how far we have come and consequently, what we have learned, may have lost, or risk losing in our leap into the future.
This phenomenon is both a contemplative and celebratory movement, as people look to reconnect both in real terms with each other, culturally across geographical borders, as well as with the planet on which we depend. As a result, people will look for new ways to express and celebrate individuality and embrace cultural diversity.
In the downloadable report below, we outline the different ways in which this thought provoking cultural phenomenon will manifest itself:



A broad theme which is emotional and spiritual at heart, Humaness will express itself creatively in a celebration of diversity, color, texture and material, both eclectic and harmonious, with a return to sustainable, handcrafted, decorative, bespoke items and clothing,
This movement is counterpoint to the outwardly more optimistic, futuristic and technologically driven trends we see currently in the sports influenced sculpted shapes, synthetic fabrics and avant garde visions of the future. Humaness by contrast will be a more considered and at times more subversive vision of the future, more personal, expressive, reflective, thoughtful and playful