Autumn Winter 2015-16 Key Product – Tops

Which Shirts, Sweatshirts and Knitwear will be key for Winter 2015-16?

Which Shirts, Sweatshirts and Knitwear will be key for Winter 2015-16? In our final review of the Autumn-Winter 2015-16 catwalks we identify  which Tops will be key for Men and illustrate what you could be wearing underneath or in place of the seasons outerwear. Autumn Winter 2016 Key product Top-05
As with other categories the dominant trend for TOPS is the transformation of shape and form; whether that’s through layering different pieces together, playing with different lengths or using stiff fabrication to create sculptural forms, the main focus for next winter is a redefinition of the Menswear silhouette.

SCULPTED SWEATSHIRTS – In an effort to create bold and futuristic new silhouettes Designers have used stiff, rigid fabrics such as neoprene and Flock-fleece to create over-sized SCULPTED SWEATSHIRTS and Sweat Jackets.

LAYERED KNITWEAR – There are two major trends for knitwear next winter: 1 – The ROLL-NECK JUMPER and 2 – LAYERED KNITWEAR, where the Roll-Neck Jumper is key, as a layered piece underneath another item of knitwear.

PRINTED SHIRTS – With a general trend towards large simple shapes and clean lines, the use of PRINTED SHIRTS was one of the key tools designers used to bring a graphic element to their collections. Whether it was antique florals at Burberry,  over-printed abstractions at McQueen & MSGM or Polka-Dots at Marc Jacobs & Saint Laurent, the printed shirt looks set to be a key piece next winter

OVER-THE-HEAD – Whether its buttoned and hooded or a Collared and zipped like this half-zip style from MARNI, OVER-THE-HEAD styles in woven fabrics, offer a genuine alternative to more traditional winter Outerwear and Knitwear.

HUGE SCARVES – If you buy a scarf next winter make sure its HUGE. Long, wide scarves that almost double as blankets are the key accessory for Winter 2015-16.


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