Autumn Winter 2015 Key Trends – Colour


As was the case with many of the collections this season, the use of colour was very polarized.

With a few notable exceptions, it was either VERY bold and bright with strong contrasts, as was the case with Boris Bidjan Saberi’s presentation, in Emergency Red and Black, or similarly at Sibling, where the contrast was between black and Hot Pink, OR, it was subdued and monotone, with tonal shades of grey, olive, camel and black dominating, where and the trend was typically for outfits to be all in one colour, head to toe. E.Tautz, Margaret Howell, Thom Browne, Steve Alan being good examples.Autumn winter 2015-16 Colour-head

The notable exceptions to this rule were collections where the use of colour was closer to a traditional Autumn Winter palette. Haider Ackerman and Burberry being the best examples, where reds, blues, browns, greens and camels were given extra richness and spice, making them feel richer and more sumptuous.

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