Autumn Winter 2015-16 Key Trends – Print and Pattern – Stripes

Further analysis of the key print and pattern stories as seen on the Autumn Winter 2015 catwalks. Here we look at which stripe patterns and applications will be pivotal for next Autumn Winter.Stripe-pant-Rag-and-Bone

There weren’t so many stripes this winter but  when they were used they featured strongly as statements.

The Stripes that matter

Wide, simple and horizontal, vertical butchers stripes, bold reflective emergency stripes and sports stripe applications and bindings, often used to bring a graphic element to a sport/utility piece of clothing.

Emergency Bands – One single horizontal band, often reflective like those used by the Emergency Services.

Sports Bands – Wide white stripes and bands, used on hems, cuffs and collars to add sporty graphic elements to garments.

Butcher Stripes – Black and White or Navy and White apron stripes. Often used vertically on outerwear and horizontally on shirting for greater impact and a twist on tradition. This is also linked to the current 1990’s trend.

Broadband – Broad even stripes, sometimes cut-up and combined.

Ombre – Graduated ombre stripes. More often than not used in knitted pieces.