Autumn Winter 2015-16 Key Menswear Trends – Folk

All sorts of Folk

There is a broad folkloric trend on the catwalks for Autumn-Winter 2015-16, that encompasses the whole idea of Folk, from those ‘folk’ living or working outdoors, to historical and traditionally dressed indigenous ‘folk’.1-Folk-head

Geometric Folk

The first category in this theme were historical folk. Les Hommes, County of Milan, Dries Van Noten and Givenchy were all heavily influenced by the indigenous or historically significant cultures of South America, specifically Peru and Bolivia, where traditional folk patterns were given a Geometric make-over and simple shapes, with bold patterns dominated.

Outdoor Folk

The other category of folk, that was pretty much open to anyone who has ever worked outdoors, from DIY Handymen to Woodland Folk and Canadian loggers at D-Squared, to what looked like men, who not so much fished, as worked in the fish processing industry, at Umit Benan. The field was open to all comers, where durable looking waxed outerwear, big checks, patchwork quilting and beaver derived, hats and trim were the mainstay.

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