Undercover – Autumn Winter 2015


Never dull, curiously eccentric and always challenging, Undercover’s take on modern urban sportswear never fails to entertain and challenge in equal measure.Undercover-Fall-2015-crop

This season Jun Takahashi mixed Sportswear and Workwear in equal measure. There were also punk pop influences in the painted punk prints on back of some pieces and a German New Wave feel to the styling and the minimalistic rendering of the pieces. If the inspiration was in part inspired by vintage workwear and uniformity, the execution was thoroughly modern. Flattened and pressed, the dead stock vintage pieces were given a clean minimalistic edge, which tied perfectly with the whole sculpted, minimalistic sportswear vibe, which is so prevalent at the moment. The presentation of the outfits on the models, deliberately posed to looked like mannequins added to the 1980’s, New-Wave robotic mood.

Key elements included a hybrid polar fleece and leather biker jacket, a cobalt blue, hooded Varsity Jacket and Caretakers Coats in pressed cotton gaberdine. Pegged drainpipe trousers, Slim Sweatpants and men’s leggings or ‘Meggings’, with crepe sole creepers, completed the silhouettes, where the emphasis on volume was definitely on the upper half of the body.

Colours were reminiscent of uniforms too, but closer to school uniforms, with Cobalt blue, Maroon, Camel and Navy and Grey melange.