Our Legacy – Autumn Winter 2015

Our Legacy – Curt Cobain and Andy Warhol visit the Hacienda in Manchester in 1991.

Another Anniversary, as D Squared celebrated 25 years of business, Swedish brand Our Legacy, celebrated ten years, since their launch in 2004, by creating what they called, a ‘mix tape of the influences of last ten years’. One T-Shirt read ‘Ten years of tears’, although it wasn’t clear whether it was ten years of happy tears, or ten of frustration, but I’m guessing a mixture of both.Our-Legacy-Head

The influences varied, but were dominated by a relaxed and crumpled, sporty silhouette, with an overall Madchester 1990’s feel to it, complete with shell suits and baggies. Shearling leather jackets were dressed with Farah-esque pants, Madchester like parkas and sculpted blousons were worn over sweatpants and all were accessorized with Gallagher-esque sunglasses and huge scarves that dwarfed the rest of the outfit.

Brave New Silhouette

Back in June, in our Trend forecast, Brave New Silhouette, we highlighted the imminent change in men’s silhouettes, advising of the huge impact that sportswear and futuristic sculptural forms would have on mens shapes. Our Legacy is just one of several examples of this, with layering, and a shift in proportion, playing a major part in the collection. This has also been the one major shift, visible across the board in the Men’s collections this winter, affecting everything from tailoring to knitwear.

Over the last ten years the Swedish born brand have crafted a place in the hearts and pockets, of those interested in their unique take on modern European sportswear.  With their handcrafted approach to production, theirs is a slow food version of fashion, which is now after 10 years hard work, is nicely simmering away.