Marc Jacobs – Autumn Winter 2015

Marc Jacobs – Near Perfect?

If I was asked to pick a favourite outfit from the Marc Jacobs Fall Winter 2015 collection it would be hard to know what to leave out, which is when you know a collection is really good. This one worked for me on every level, individually, item by item, and as a brand message, in the story the collection tells as whole. I love the 1970’s boho-student-rock-lounge feel of the collection, with the added touch of old world luxury.Marc-Jacobs-Fall-WInter-2015.crop

Marc Jacobs is someone who always manages to walk that fine line between  convention and novelty, while still remaining fresh and without stretching the boundaries of wearability too much.

Confidence without condescension, luxury without ostentation, this was a democratic collection with broad appeal that maintained a youthful edge. There was a purity and simplicity to the collection that made everyone else look like they were trying to hard.  Great proportions, lovely individual pieces and fantastic styling.

When I grow up I want to be wearing Marc Jacobs, (or maybe Marni)

As Mr Angry Pants would say, booootiful!