Balmain – Autumn Winter 2015

Balmain – Fashion Porn

Held in the salons of the Hôtel d’Évreux, an 18th-century mansion, next to the Ritz in Paris, Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing, delivered another lesson in rampant extravagance. An unfettered presentation of indulgent opulence, this was luxury sport fashion, pumped up on steroids and then polished some more, as Rousteing continues to blur the lines between Ready to Wear and Couture.Balmain-Fall-2015-crop

And if you were in any doubt if sportswear is still a huge driving factor behind men’s fashion, you need look no further than Balmain. Olivier Rousteing began his homage to athletes as superstars in Spring 2015, but that was tame in comparison to this ramped up version. More inspired by martial arts than motorcross, the collection had strong regimental and heraldic overtones. Luxuriant, decadent and indulgent, it was summed up perfectly on Style.com;

Obscene decadence…so loud and so sensual. Part of me wants to hate it, but it’s too well done.


This was Fashion Porn, love it or hate it you can’t doubt the strength of the message and the power of it’s delivery.Balmain-Fall-2015