Autumn – Winter 2015 – D-Squared

D Squared

Whether it’s real or fake it seems that fur is THE choice of material for many designers this winter. Moschino, Dolce & Gabanna and D-Squared all had it in abundance. For several brands, this season appears to be about falling back on the tried and tested, rather than taking any risks in pushing the boundaries of creativity. This was certainly the case at D Squared. This inevitably meant that the LUX element came to the fore. And LUX for most means fur, as well as lustre, shine and decadently rich, exclusive looking fabrication. A very direct appeal to the customer the luxury brands serve.D-Squared-Head

This falling back on the tried and tested for D Squared also coincided with their twentieth anniversary and so was also somewhat of a celebration of the elements that brought them that success, in particular, The Canadian trapper look, which they helped create or at least popularize. This meant plaid shirts, trapper hats, down jackets, distressed denim, hiking boots and of course lots of fur trim, a little like Abercrombie and Fitch on steroids.D-Squared-D-Squared-catwalk