Autumn – Winter 2015 Burberry Prorsum

Classically Bohemian

There was something a little off kilter with Burberry Prorsum this season. It gave the feeling of being inside one of those luxurious, bohemian antique shops, complete with plush divans, leopard skin rugs and a treasure trove of old empirical fabrics and accessories. There was still the global traveler element to the storyline that had been present also in the Spring-Summer 2015 collection, but this time it was distinctively more Bohemian, which Bailey described as, “Decorative and free”.Burberry-prorsum-fall-2015-detail

Decorative and free

Christopher Bailey - Burberry Prorsum

Eclectic, the collection was entitled, Classically Bohemian and mixed camouflage with floral print, paisley with lush velvets and leopard skin prints with tasseled suede, throw over shawls. The colour palette stretched from ink and forest green to bright red, fuschia and turquoise.

Burberry-Prorsum-Fall-2015Burberry Prorsum