Autumn – Winter 2015-16 – Topman Design

Topman Design – Winter 2015-16

Topman Design has come a long way, since Gordon Richardson took to the helm as Design Director back in 2002 and they continue to mature. In an interview with GQ magazine, Topman’s Design Director reminisced on the skinny jeans debate and how it took five years for them to trickle down, and how, at another time, they were unable to sell cardigans. I remember the same debate, cardigans were for a long time only worn by old men, and even when they started to come back again, you couldn’t find them for love nor money. Topman were one of the first on the high-street to adopt them.Topman

We knew they were going to happen but we couldn’t sell them. Slowly we put them in our flagship store, London kids bought them and they got seen on people – that trickle-down effect. But that took two years.

Gordon Richardson@GQ

Now we take Topman a little more seriously and the fact that they are so accessible means that they have a huge impact on the high-street. Before we had online shopping, H&M, Zara et al, we went to Topman for current, cheap, up to date fashion. They have always been and are still famous for their ability to ‘translate’, the best of the previous seasons collections. This season was no different, with clear references to Fendi, Prada and Tom Ford, among others.  But they continue to get better at it all the time. As they say, with experience comes maturity. Topman-Design-Winter-2015

This winters collection was entitled “Bombay City Rollers” and was a thrift store collection of Bay City Roller Tartan suits, 1970’s all denim ensembles and Fake Fur, Folk inspired ponchos and coats. Occasionally the Topman collections have suffered from a lack of cohesion, of trying to say too much, but this time they carried it off with aplomb. The outstanding pieces were the great over-sized, fake fur, patch-work jackets and coats. Fake fur works when you don’t pretend its anything other than fake fur and this was one such case. Again, higher-waisted, straight and boot-cut denim and trousers were very evident. The cut and proportion of mens trousers is now definitely in a state of flux, the question is, how long will these ones take to trickle down?

Topman Design