The Industrialist – Trend Forecast – Winter 2015-16 – Product & Materials

Industrial-T-ShirtWe follow our Autumn-Winter 2015-16 Trend Forecast, The Industrialist, with a key materials and product interpretation, primarily for the men’s denim and premium sportswear market.

Product and Material Overview

Styling for The Industrialist theme is frugal and clean, with an upbeat modern attitude. Fits are generally slim and straight for bottoms, twinned with tailored jackets and outerwear, or with over sized knit, fleece and jersey-wear. Proportions are generally narrow and not over sized except sometimes, on the upper half of the body.

Colours are inspired by construction materials such as Concrete, Metal, Glass and Wood.

Materials. Interest is generated by the pattern and texture contrasts created in the use of different materials, print, and surface finish. There is much use of two-tone, mercerized yarns, fabrics and finishes with lustrous or metallic finishes which contrast with more natural cottons, in plain weave, oxford and sateen constructions.

Denims are dark; black, blue black and Grey, with special finishes such as carbonization, to give a technical look and feel. When indigo is used, then Red and Green cast dominate. Stretch is also important here to to facilitate the ever important slim and skinny fits, as well as lighter weight, denim-type fabrication. These are often with blended with synthetic yarns, to allow for more unexpected use, for instance in tailored items. Expect denim to be used often, in all types of garments, other than the usual 5 pocket jeans.

Prints, graphics and fabric structures are inspired by the geometric patterns, deliberately created as architectural decoration, through the repetition of shape and colour, in for example, tile-work. These geometric patterns are translated into 3D textures and constructions, particularly in knitwear and jersey and into all-over prints, for use on other fabrics.

Graphics are inspired by Geometric shapes, industrial images and utilize photographic techniques and matt and shine applications.

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