Trend Update AW 2014_15 – Denim Nature

For The Love of Nature

There is a strong trend for nature this Autumn-Winter 2014-15. In the second of our Trend Updates on Denim we look some of the many brands out there that are being inspired by nature or by the contrast between the Rural and the Urban.Denim-G-Star-Raw-for-the-oceans

For the love of Nature

As we are ultimately made more aware of  our impact on the natural world so we are finding new and better ways to benefit from it without exploiting it. For designers and creatives the natural world offers an endless supply of inspiration. In looking at how we can conserve and re-use designers are also looking to the past again for inspiration In particular at indigo’s history and more specifically, Japanese indigo heritage, for details, fabrics and constructions. The past was often a time when resources were harder to come by and so there is much that can be garnered from the ingenious lessons learned in frugality. All of this continues to highlight the fragility of nature and our effect upon it and the continuing need to learn from this.

The fascination with mankind’s changing relationship with nature also generates an instinctive interest in the contrast between the urban and the rural and the area where the two worlds meet. The man made and the natural, the fast and the slow and the difference between tradition and innovation. For instance; Modern architecture in rural surroundings or the green spaces in city centers and the rise in urban gardening. Some brands, such as LEVIS – MADE AND CRAFTED  have taken inspiration directly from this, in collaborating with the online outdoor and nature journal WILDER QUARTERLY, to inform a modern, spirited, nature inspired collection. Other brands such as G-Star have taken a more pro-active approach. They have just launched their collection RAW FOR THE OCEANS a collaboration with PHARREL WILLIAMS and BIONIC YARNS. which uses denim cloth made from yarns generated from recycled ocean plastic.


Natural Protection

For the love of nature sees a renewed interest in the natural protective qualities of nature. Fabrics inspired by the natural patterns and texture occurring in nature. Some of these are deliberately synthesized while others attempt to copy natural forms directly. Cocoon and the idea of the  natural protection and insulation, as seen in the quilted down pants, shirts and knitwear on offer as well as quilted jackets. Knitwear inspired by nature is executed through irregular stripes, soft marls, flecked yarns and slubby or boiled knits, that imitate natural textures such as shearling and leather. Denims, with the inherent irregular quality of indigo reflect this feeling naturally as they age, recording our journeys as they wear and age with us.