Puma Disc Lite Camo – Autumn – Winter 2014-15 Sneaker Review

Puma LTR Disc Lite Rugged – Black Camo

When we talk about innovation in footwear, there are a few technologies which immediately come to mind. One of them is the Disc system developed by Puma in 1991.


The Puma Disk

The Disc system was first developed by Puma in 1991 as an innovative replacement for laces. Thinking there had to be a better and simpler way to “tighten” a shoe they came up with the Disc as a solution. It may have been a little gimmicky when it first appeared, but it was definitely different from anything else out there at the time. The Disc closure system works by turning the disk to tighten the shoe and by pulling the tab to release. We think it looks even better now than it did then, maybe it’s just now coming of age? We especially love the mix of the black with the camo exterior-skeleton on this model. Check our other reviews for great Autumn – Winter sneaker fashion HERE.