Paul Smith 531 – Ventile Cycling Backpack

Luxury Urban Sportswear from Paul Smith and Mr Porter

This is the Ventile Cycling Back pack from Paul Smith’s exclusive collaboration with Mr Porter, Paul Smith 531. Paul Smith 531 brings together Paul Smith’s passion for cycling and the latest developments in technical fabrication and is an 11 piece collection, which in addition to the backpack features lightweight jackets, merino jerseys and an all-black racing bike designed for city cycling.

The 531 in the name refers to the ratio of manganese (5), molybdenum (3) and carbon (1) in the famous, Reynolds steel alloy bike tubing, used by Tour de France champions.

The backpack is made from VENTILE, a 100% cotton fabric, which is waterproof and windproof and yet is without treatment or lamination, instead it relies on the tight construction of the dense weave to make it weatherproof.

This all black, stylish backpack also includes a weatherproof roll top closure, multiple pockets, leather trim and reflective panels. Available for £435.89 at Mr Porter


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