Icons – The Cagoule

Cagoule-three-colours-illustrationThe second in our Icons series we look at the humble Cagoule.

The Cagoule

Not to be mistaken for an Anorak or a Parka the Cagoule has had a rebirth recently with brands like Rains, Nike, Norse Projects and of course K-Way all turning out their own versions. The Spring-Summer 2015 catwalks also saw a plethora of both Cagoules and Anoraks.

There are even fan-sites on both sides of the English Channel dedicated to this lightweight, practical, brightly coloured rain jacket. An extremely popular item of clothing that goes almost unnoticed tucked away in the corner of your man-bag, but when you really need it, there it is, unfurling itself like a brightly coloured crisp-packet.

A humble Icon, but an Icon nevertheless.