Fjällräven Vintage 20L backpack

Fjällräven – Rugged authenticity in tune with nature

Fjällräven are an outdoor brand founded in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, in 1960,. The seeds of the brand were sown when founder Åke Nordin, unhappy with the trekking rucksacks on offer back then, designed and built his own external framed rucksack at the age of 14. This later became the foundation of the Fjällräven company.

They have been equipping people to enjoy the outdoors ever since and are probably one of the only brands in the world that can claim the Samis of Lapland to be among their first loyal customers.

To leave no trace is a motto among outdoor enthusiasts. And just as we would like to leave last night’s campsite so that the next visitors can enjoy undisturbed nature, we would also like Fjällräven as a company to have as small an environmental footprint as possible.

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Fjällräven have always looked to nature for inspiration and their products frequently use natural rather than synthetic materials, giving them an authentic rugged appearance that means they look just as good in an urban setting as they do up a hillside.

The Fjällräven Vintage 20L harks back to those early days, and is made from G1000, an extremely durable and weather resistant cotton polyester. With plenty of secure storage, a great range of colours and real leather trim, it is the perfect daypack.

Available for £114.95 at Fjällräven online.