London Shows – Craig Green

A key look from the Craig Green Spring-Summer 2015 show.

An outstanding confrontational clash of Warrior priests and Holy Samurais, Craig Greens debut solo show was a visionary presentation of Eastern warriors and gurus as quilted samurai jackets sat alongside layered cotton smocks, tight jersey bodices and Japanese fisherman pants. Following his previous collections with the Fashion East – MAN, Craig Green continued to develop his signature themes of utilitarian work-wear and uniform and his continued focus on fabric manipulation and hand treatments.


This is one of many up-coming, Trend Illustrated Key Look cheat sheets, for the Spring Summer-2015 Men’s catwalk shows. As the season progresses we will continue to illustrate the key looks, from all the finest of the Men’s shows, highlighting from each, what we think are the key looks and major themes. With our handy, illustrated Cheat Sheets, we make it easy for you to follow what is hot and what is not.Craig-Green