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As the world continues to struggle under the blanket of a global economic crisis, people look more to the future as a way out. Sportlux is an optimistic new trend which will be a key driver in the sport and casual market for the foreseeable future. It is hyper modern and is an aesthetic counterpoint to the huge global movement of easy, urban, often locally sourced and folk inspired, utilitarian casualwear, that has been a key driver over the last few years.
Urban and often monotone, aesthetically pure and technologically advanced, this trend is very much dependent on execution, modern materials and an athletic aesthetic.
Sportlux is a cyclical fashion trend (see Trendillustrated_Trend Definitions ) which will continue to see the emergence of collections and products which fuse together luxury, sport, technical influences and technologies. The last time sportswear was this big was in the mid nineties when DKNY, Prada Sport and Nike were at their zenith.
Black and monotone colour palettes with flash highlights focus attention on the form, the function and the wearer There is something reassuring in this stylistically austere, technically advanced and futuristic looking aesthetic.

As the world continues to struggle under the blanket of a global economic crisis people look to the future as a way out.

In our global village of over-information, purity of design and colour is refreshing. Although the look is deceptively simple, surface texture, tonal colour patterns and technical trims play an important role. This is also the perfect playground to evolve silhouette.

Mercedes SLR matt black


A very strong and emerging theme in the market, Sportlux is the amalgamation of sportswear and fashion, in particular luxury fashion, best seen this season at Lanvin. Fashion brands are gravitating towards sportswear. Sportswear brands are gravitating on the other side towards fashion. Sportswear brands such as Rapha from the UK and Kjus from Switzerland continue to shore up their fashion credibility while maintaining their sportswear credentials. The cult of the celebrity is also a huge part of the Sports world and feeds this trend.


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